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The Basics 

Dr. Martin is a Medicare provider. Dr. Martin is also a provider for most HMO and PPO programs, such as UHC, BCBS, HealthNet, and AARP. If you have a copay responsibility, our front desk will accept your copay at the time of service. We will submit a claim to your insurance company for your office visit. We will receive correspondence from your insurance company as the claim is processed and, if any deductible/co-insurance is due from you, we will send a statement to your mailing address. 

The billing department at Dr. Martin's office includes Patty (Office Manager) and Chris (Billing Assistant/Front Desk). You can leave a voicemail for Patty at (520) 742-5661 or call (520) 742-9900 and ask for Chris. 

Why does Dr. Martin "not accept assignment"? 

In the case of Medicare or Medicare supplement claims, we will submit a claim for your office visit. We use the Medicare fee schedule limiting charge, meaning we do not charge more than Medicare informs us we can. "Not accepting assignment" means that Medicare and Medicare supplement payments are sent to you, the patient, instead of Dr. Martin, the physician. We receive slightly more in payment per claim by not accepting assignment, and because so many of our patients are Medicare or Medicare supplement patients, the addition makes it possible for Dr. Martin to keep a private practice. 

Why are checks arriving to my home?

Because Dr. Martin does not accept assignment, Medicare and Medicare supplement payments will be sent to your home and made out to you, in your name. However, this money sent to you is intended to pay Dr. Martin for his services. You can either mail us the check or drop it off at our office. Be sure to endorse the check before sending. 

How do I endorse checks to Dr. Martin?

Please write, "Payable to Dr. David Martin", and then sign your name.