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After your new patient appointment, our surgery scheduler Narcy will contact you within the week to choose a surgery date. As Dr. Martin is a popular surgeon, Narcy cannot schedule surgery any earlier than six to eight weeks after contacting you. Once your surgery date is selected, Narcy then provides your insurance company with evidence of the necessity of this procedure, and receives authorization from the company granting coverage of the joint replacement. Once the authorization has been confirmed, Narcy can schedule your surgery at Northwest Medical Center's Center for Joint Replacement. 

Narcy will send paperwork to your mailing address detailing the tasks that must be completed before your date of surgery. The paperwork includes forms that must be signed by both you and Dr. Martin before your surgery date, so be sure to return those to our office by hand or mail as soon as possible. In order to have surgery at Northwest Medical Center on the selected date, you must complete each of the following tasks. 

Tasks to be completed before surgery date: 

  1. Receive paperwork from Narcy approximately one month before scheduled surgery date. 

  2. Call our front desk staff to schedule both your pre-op appointment and post-op appointment. 

  3. Return signed forms to our office by hand or by mail.

  4. Complete pre-procedural tests at either Northwest Medical Center or your primary care physician's office.  Your paperwork from Narcy should dictate which.

  5. Get clearance from any other physicians necessary, including but not limited to your primary care physician and cardiologist. Your paperwork from Narcy should dictate which.  

  6. Attend joint replacement class at Northwest Medical Center's Joint Replacement Center. 

  7. Arrange for post-operative, outpatient physical therapy. Ideally, your initial evaluation with your physical therapist should fall within 24 hours after returning from the hospital. Dr. Martin will give you your physical therapy prescription at your pre-op appointment. 
  8. Stop taking medications which contain aspirin, anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, and arthritis medications 7 days before surgery. 

Pre-Procedural Screening at Northwest Medical Center is located in Suite 121 at 6130 N. La Cholla Blvd., Tucson AZ, 85741. Please call (520) 469-8619 to schedule your screening. 


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